Go to sleep, I'm tired

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Go to sleep, I'm tired

Real moms who are real tired

We are so very tired. Not tired in a fed-up sense just plain exhausted. 14-24 hour shifts of people shouting their needs. Mom, wife, volunteer, employee and dog walker. Feed me, find me, get me, can you, you need to do, I assumed you had it, it’s broken, batteries, be here, do this and wipe me up.

And then there’s the expectations and standards we as women put on ourselves.

Once Upon a Time

Once high-powered women managing multi-million dollar deals paired with fancy dinners, pitches and airport lounges turned (by choice) servants to our children, husbands and expectations of a modern mom. How is this job so much more to manage than the paying workforce?

We went from negotiating and finalizing contracts to signing endless reading logs and rationalizing common core math (it cannot be rationalized) and telling our kids and husbands to “Go to sleep, I’m tired”.

Coming up short is okay.

Naturally being the type who fight the norm and buck status-quo, we found each other. Women who on the surface could not be more different, yet are nearly identical within.

We found bizarre similarities in husband defects, that our children are prone to countless mishaps, pissing off strangers is inevitable, there is no such thing as perfect, there’s a donut for every situation, therapy is always an option and humor is the only path to survival.

Combined, we have encountered endless sitcom-worthy situations and can now ‘group problem solve’ our way through. Since mom is typically in charge of the solutions, this parent by village approach seems to be the golden ticket.

Women supporting women

Not only do we think it’s okay to need help, we believe help is the answer. The path to least resistance is actually an option and you can take someones word for it, we want to share what we have learned with you. Welcome to our tribe!