What’s with the bag?

After years of traveling alone and with kids, coupled with being in route with kids constantly, I have come to realize there are certain things you need handy. Also, I do not like stopping at the drug store.

A few years ago I collected all the items I picked up along the way (and actually used) putting them together to create our go-to kids necessity bag. Now that we have it, I’m not sure how we went without it. It makes packing for trips an absolute breeze and I’ve been able to steer clear of emergency pharmacy visits since. My husband loves it and takes it on all his outings with the kids – stuffing in waters and snacks for a day pack. I drag it along as a personal item on the plane (again filling with snacks and ipads). The rest of the time it sits in the front seat of my car.

Simple & versatile backpack


  • Lightweight and small – slim profile
  • Fits an insane amount of stuff
  • Opens flat (all the way)
  • Easy to carry around on day trips, on the plane and in the car
  • My husband normally wears it (bonus)
  • Everyone knows I have it and so it’s expected

Find it here at Walker Family Goods (this is the second style bag we purchased from them). Most any bag will due for getting the stuff together – you may already have a favorite pack. I recommend this one for the details above. I don’t do bulky but need space.

What’s inside?

  • The Main pocket has a “Homemade First Aid” bag and sanitizing wipes. The rest of the main pocket space we leave for waters, snacks, books, iPads or whatever that particular trip warrants.
    • Inside the First Aid Bag
      • Tylenol, Adult and children’s ibuprofen (small containers) Benadryl, Claritin, Pepto chewables, eye drops, rich cream, hydrocortisone, Neosporin and a thermometer
  • The Front inside pockets are filled with:
    • lip balms, bug repellent, baby wipes, bandaids of every size pile, dental floss, On Guard oil, tick remover, nail clippers, tiny scissors, lolly pops, cough drops, tissues, mints, hand lotion, various chargers, zip-lock of crayons, pen/pencil, some makeup and Tampax.

No kidding, all this crap fits in this bag with room for extras. Can you now see why packing for trips is so easy? Everything someone might “need” is already in there! Check it every couple months to restock or switch items out. Basically, set it and forget it!

Travel with kids
Opens flat and packed up with room to spare