Go to sleep, I'm tired

No fluff


Who are these tired women anyways?

We are women who are okay with imperfection and keep our bar low. In each other, we found bizarre similarities in husband defects, our children’s ability to encounter countless mishaps, agree pissing off strangers is inevitable, feel therapy is always an option and humor is the only path to survival.

We’ve made it through the new-mom years, toddlerhood and most of elementary. We also have one who is in college. We know the difference between ignore it, Google it, give Benadryl for it and DEFCON 5. Combined, we have endured endless sitcom-worthy situations and can ‘group problem solve’ our way through.



  • Over 15 years in hospitality and tourism marketing
  • Formerly worked for a high-profile agency representing US travel brands
  • Currently trying to keep everyone in her home alive


  • Formerly worked for PwC
  • Formerly worked for Morgan Stanley
  • Formerly worked for Merrill Lynch
  • Currently works for Sean, Will and Colette

Our tribe:


  • Over booked
  • Over scheduled
  • Over everything

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