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Women supporting women

Women supporting women and parents supporting parents. #adultingishard especially for women – but does it have to be? Trying to do everything all at once and be the best at the same time is exhausting. Each day brings more to do and more to manage topped off with doing it with an effortless appearance. Self imposed pressures, mom goals and keeping up with the Kardashians makes for a hamster wheel of a life. As women who are right alongside of you we say it’s time to dismiss the stereotypes and be okay with accepting shortcuts, peer support and coming up short.

Our goal is to provide USEFUL and straight-forward tips, methods, advice, and hacks. No backstory, endless history or BS. We don’t have time to write it and you don’t have time to read it. If we can make parenting easier for just one woman – This was worth it!

Have parenting tips that work? Send them our way!

Moms schedule during COVID

Typical day for Mom during the COVID_19 Pandemic

Perfect color coded kids schedules are everywhere during this social distance/quarantine. But what does a typical day for mom really look like? Deep thoughts included…

10 laughs from this week – March 2020

If you live on earth you could probably use a laugh right about now so we put together 10 posts from March 2020 that made us laugh.

Emergency number check list

Emergency number check list made simple

We can’t remember anything, especially in emergency situations! Use this fool-proof list to organize numbers you need and avoid the inevitable fumbling!

Tantrums and the Art of Distraction

Watching the shear absurdity of a tantrum unfold before me left me frozen in complete unpreparedness. Find out what I learned to nip this in the bud.

Children’s doctors visits made easy

One mom skill that can take years to master is the children’s doctor visit. Find tips for getting the most out of your child’s doctor visit!

Basics to mom survival list

Basic to Mom Survival List! Being a mom is hard. Find tricks that contribute to survival and most of all when to get worked up or let it pass!

Travel with kids

Homemade go-to kids necessity bag

Make to and from with kids a breeze with this homemade travel, first aid and necessity bag. Always have everything you need and save on the store visits!

Enough is Enough

I keep our children happy, safe & loved. THAT’S what I do all day. THAT’S what motherhood is – it’s exhausting, all-consuming & it’s enough.

Top things only parents say

Once you become a parent you say things you never imagined would come out of your mouth. Here is a list of our favorites!

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