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Travel after kids is possible

Once upon a time vacation planning was as exciting as the actual vacation. You know, planning the one you’ll return a new woman full of hope, dreams and unparalleled motivation. The planning left you mesmerized in promise and rejuvenation. Remember that?

Travel planning reimagined

Planning a family vacation no longer brings the promise of rejuvenation, we get that. Once you’re beyond the initial glamour of the idea you quickly end up buried in seemingly endless details. Multiple flights, TSA-approved snacks, accommodations to fit everyone’s needs, mounds of luggage, pre-booking activities, navigating on the ground, and managing long stretches of in-route entertainment. You’re left needing a vacation from the vacation planning.

What you’ll get here

The first step to traveling with kids is understanding vacations are no longer vacations, they are now trips. Trips are full of memories and experiences. Trips are essential for connectivity and growth. Trips are carefully orchestrated to enable a manageable balance between exploration, freedom, downtime, and allowances for needed routines.

We want to inspire you to travel with your kids, but we’re not providing an inspiration focused travel blog. We’re providing balanced in-destination options and grab-n-go itineraries based on what worked for us.

  • You’ll find specific destinations we’ve visited with kids and recommend.
  • You won’t find a lengthy story about our kids or what we do but rather itinerary based planning tools.
  • We won’t just tell you what to see – We’ll give you a navigable route.
  • You’ll not only get grab-n-go itineraries, you’ll find tips on how to keep the trip manageable, relaxed and paced. This will include kid-friendly stops along the way.
  • You’ll look like a travel planning rockstar to everyone else!

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Travel with kids

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