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Travel after kids is possible

Once upon a time vacation planning was almost as exciting as the actual vacation. Hours of searching travel websites, photos and reviews for the perfect destination. You know, the one you’ll return a new woman full of hope, dreams and unparalleled motivation. The planning left you mesmerized in promise and rejuvenation. Remember that?

Travel planning reimagined

Planning a vacation for a family no longer brings the rejuvenation promise it prior had. Once you’re beyond the initial glamor of the idea you quickly end up in the deep end of seemingly endless details. Multiple flights, TSA-approved snacks, accommodations to fit everyones needs, mounds of luggage, pre-booking activities and managing long stretches of in-route entertainment. You’re left needing a vacation from the vacation planning.

The first step to traveling with kids is understanding vacations are no longer vacations, they are now trips. Grasping this terminology transition is half the work. Trips are fun and enlightening. Trips are full of memories and experiences. Trips are essential for our spirits, connectivity and growth. Trips are also carefully orchestrated to enable a manageable balance between exploration, freedom, downtime and allowances for needed routines.

Time to go see the world

After countless vacation disasters we’ve worked through the vacation vs trip dilemma along with quite a few hacks to ensure we always have a trip on the books everyone looks forward to.

Here, we’ll share destination recommendations, itineraries, packing tips and all things travel to help you avoid some of our mishaps and get you inspired to take the next trip!

Travel with kids

Homemade go-to kids necessity bag

Make to and from with kids a breeze with this homemade travel, first aid and necessity bag. Always have everything you need and save on the store visits!

Best Travel Bags for Kids

Best travel bags for kids from real family travelers. Rated by ability to pack enough but not too much, ease of carry, versatility & manageability for kids.

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